The Bake Off Bake Along Week 7 | Desserts

Hooray, for once a bake that hasn't gone horribley wrong!!

It's Amanda's turn to announce the winner of last weeks bake so head on over to her amazing blog to have a look and see who we picked as our week 6 winner!

After the faff of the last few weeks, I'll be honest, I wanted to try something a bit more simple, that wouldn't require me to bake all day - cue the roulade.

Me and roulades actually go way back, along with meringues, I used to make them for some weird reason when I was younger - and I mean like 12 maybe even younger - my parents had a lot of faith in me not burning down the house.

In more recent times, my efforts of roulades and swiss rolls has been less than desirable to say the least so I felt like I had something to prove. I used this recipe, made it, saw how HUGE the sponge was and halved it. My tin was slightly too small, by 1cm but let's be honest, six eggs is way too many.

Anyway, I loved the idea of peach and raspberries so I carried on, and by halving it I cracked it and it came out excellently. I feel really happy in that I am confident in my ability in most situations to know how the mixture should look at certain points in order to achieve the correct result, and that is hugely satisfying. I definitely feel like I have a great base level of knowledge when it comes to baking now. I'm still a bit slap dash in places but more often than not, the bake is good.

I didn't cut off the edges because I forgot - there's that slap dash nature I was just talking about. But I don't think it looks bad at all and it certainly tastes brilliant. I made my own coulis because why buy when it's literally the easiest thing to make in the world.

The outside of my rolls always look anaemic because the brown comes off on the paper - it's intensely irritating - does anyone know why this happens and how I can stop it? I decided to remedy that by drizzling the coulis all over - job done.

I'd just also like to say that I'm SO glad Selasi is still in, I love him, he cracks me up big time. And I'm totally rooting for Benjamina. Although I like Candice and Jane, Benjamina is solidly consistent and deserves to win I think!