Coconuts For Breakfast & Swimming In Waterfalls

Could that title be anymore pretentious? Sorry... not sorry!

I have so many photos of Krabi Town, so I'm just going to keep writing until I think I've covered enough to prove the worth of this fab little place.

A couple of days later, we found ourselves heading towards the National Park, north of town about 30km out. With no real research being put into the national park, what was there or if it would even be worth it, we're so glad we made the trip. We left early in the morning, after stopping at our favourite place for breakfast. A restaurant on the edge of town opposite the river, we stumbled across it one morning and subsequently went back every day. Each dish is about 50b, most come with rice and you can add a fried egg on anything - amazing. If there's one thing I've learnt since being in Asia, it's that adding an egg is never a bad thing. I've included some photos from across a few days of our meals at this place. My favourite dish was crispy pork and kale with steamed rice - so freakin' good. Oh and with an egg on top. I've asked Shay for his favourite but he can't pick. We also cottoned on to ordering a fresh coconut here for 20b each - HUGE coconuts that were chilled. The best way to hydrate yourself first thing in the morning is with fresh coconut water, a gift from Mother Nature herself, I'm never going to be able to drink coconut water from the carton ever again.

Anyway, off we popped to the mainland national park in Krabi province. It's 100b entry fee, so it's cheaper than the islands and there's pretty much no one there. I guess it must just not be a very well-known or popular thing to do, but it's practically the jungle and you can trek through it on your own. There is also the most excellent waterfall to walk to, that you can actually swim in. I'm a bit of a scaredy cat and I'm not too fond of walking in water where I can't see what I'm stepping on (...I know) but Shay is a lot braver and got fully involved. We first climbed all the way to the top - there is a path of 'steps' requiring a bit of jumping and agility. Then we went a level down to a larger pool area where we basically just sat in Mother Nature's own jacuzzi.

We spent a good while just chilling out in the water before deciding we'd had enough (had enough of the glorious waterfall ha) and headed back to the front of the park for refreshment. It's so nice being there because all you can hear are the sounds from the jungle, which aren't actually that quiet but the long drone of noise is still nice to sit back and relax to.

We headed back for a shower after at our hostel - at this point we were staying at Your Hostel in town, 700b for a private room so not SUPER cheap but it was a nice modern place and the owners were so friendly and helpful. That night we went to the river market, which again I'll include in my food markets post because there really are that many. But I do have to say we finally indulged in a pancake for dessert! A banana and sweet milk (condensed carnation milk) pancake... just imagine sugary sweet molten banana in your mouth with crispy pancake, yep it was heaven.

The next day we decided to take a closer look around town, we found ourselves at the ferry port with basically no one around. It's funny because although Krabi Town itself is very chilled compared to most places we've been so far, it wasn't til we got here that we realised it had been so long since we'd sat in actual silence. By the ferry port there's a statue of, well we're not sure who, but there's also a huge war ship replica and a fighter plane so a war memorial of sorts. There was only one other family around while we sat on a bench looking out to the water just soaking in the silence, despite being surrounded by replicas of war it was actually extremely peaceful. Funny that.

We had to leave quickly as it started to rain, and by the time we got back to the hostel it started to chuck it down so we started planning our next move, as by this point we'd been in town for 7 nights! We arranged on a whim a transfer to Koh Lipe and the next morning around 7am we were in a mini van and on our way!