My Bake Off Bake Along Iced Buns

As promised. See how much this means to me?

I made my iced buns, in fact I made them on Wednesday and I've had this blog post ready to go since Thursday morning but time is just slipping right on by at the moment. I used this recipe for my buns thank you Mr Hollywood.

Just a quick update, it's my last day of work for a looooong while and I'm happy happy happy - if you can believe such a thing!

Anyway, I am SUPER chuffed about how this came out. I went into the bun making process with no expectations for how these would come out. So they're a little mishaped but in the grand scheme of things, fairly uniform, and they rose so much during the second prove that they were touching, which is mentioned in the recipe as something that needs to happen.

The dough for the buns was exceptionally sticky, I don't know why but they just were, which made them super annoying and difficult to shape but whatever. I'm sure I got dough stuck in my engagement ring but hey, I guess that's an occupational hazard. Don't worry I gave it a good scrub after hehe.

A couple of weeks ago I found blackberries in tesco, British ones mind, for one pound a punnet, which is pretty much unheard of right? So I panic bought and got three punnets. They've been sitting pretty in my fridge for over two weeks and to my surprise they were still looking great so I decided to make a jam with them as I had some preserving sugar in my cupboard which otherwise would have gone in the bin due to moving out. So there we go.

Although the process was LONG, it was actually really enjoyable and I wouldn't hesitate to make iced buns again, although definitely with a less sticky dough, so they can be shaped properly.

Just FYI, I took these into work and half of them were gone in 10 minutes - so chuffed that they went down so well. But then again, they did taste pretty good if I say so myself. Nothing like ending the Bake Off Bake Along on a high, right?