Bake Off Bake Along Week 9 | Chocolate

Week 9? How did that happen? We've only got one more week left people, and I think we all deserve a massive pat on the back, as well as a huge celebratory cup of tea to accompany our many bakes.

As usual, this week our favourites are over with Amanda, so head over there so see the winners from last week! And as always, make sure you add your bake to the link up at the bottom of this post :)

So on with this weeks bake - chocolate. I knew pretty much from the start there was only one bake for me this week, it had to be the chocolate tart, which gave me another go at tackling shortcrust pastry and actually trying something completely new. Although I think it's safe to say a peacock made of chocolate would have been new for all of us.

I really enjoyed this bake, I decided to go with a Salted Caramel & Chocolate Baked Tart because... umm hello? Salted caramel is pretty much the star of the 2010s, don't you think?

I'm well versed in making caramel now, having made the salted variety numerous times, and documented it on here too so I knew there wouldn't be too much to be afraid of. I used this recipe from Rachel Allen and I have to admit, it's a total winner.

When getting down to it, I couldn't actually remember if it was a requirement that the chocolate element be baked, which looking back I don't think it was, because I don't know how you could get the shine from chocolate after baking it. Silly me. Anyway, I still love this tart, it's like a fudgy chocolate pie, with a layer of salted caramel at the bottom just for, well, for fun.

I'm pretty please with how the whole thing turned out, although (yes there's always an 'although') the caramel seeped out of the pie... wahh! So there was a little caramel wastage but not so much that you can't tell it's there, because it's definitely still there.

I'm intrigued to see how you all tackle this one, looking back I wish I opted for a non-baked chocolate filled but ho hum, there's always something or someone to bake for!