Autumn/Winter at Pizza Express

A couple of weeks ago I went to go try out the autumn/winter menu at Pizza Express. Yes, you read correctly - Pizza Express do seasonal menus.

You may remember I went to an event earlier in the year to try out the new spring/summer menu which both Seamus and I adored, in fact we have been to Pizza Express since more times than I'd care to recall, both ordering the new additions to the menu every time. Not that we're predictable or anything.

On first impressions of the new menu, we were both shocked at how many new options there are - and not just foodwise, we both very much enjoyed the new additions to the drinks menu, hello Malbec! But back to the food, for a starter amongst the standard dough balls and salads, you can have breaded calamari with aioli, which I have to say is beautiful. More often than not squid is overcooked and rubbery but not here, nuh uh, and also it was a really nice change to have calamari breaded instead of in batter which is a usual combination. We also shared the risotto mio, a mushroom risotto with truffle oil, Pizza Express's favourite new ingredient this year. The risotto was lovely, I probably wouldn't choose it again PERSONALLY, but that's because I lo-o-ove calamari. However, it is worth noting that the risotto is a GF option - well done Pizza Express. Over all it was a struggle to keep the starters on the table longer than a minute.

Both of us opted for pizza as our mains, I went for the brand new Soho 65 on a romana base- a super fresh and light option with olives and fresh rocket scattered with chunks of unmelted mozzarella. Shay went for the romana autunno, a seasonal pizza with chorizo, sweet potato and goats cheese, which was actually the result of a competition Pizza Express ran to come up with a new pizza. As always our pizzas were excellent and neither of us said we'd hesitate to order those options again. We also ordered some sides to go with our pizzas - potato nocciola and broccolini. The nocciola were drizzled with a truffle oil and were beautiful little balls of carby goodness, as Shay put it, a posh way of having chips. The broccolini isn't new on the menu but I can't believe we'd never ordered it before - crunchy broccoli with parmesan?! Amazing.

And if we weren't stuffed enough, we ordered dessert. There's quite a few new options for sweets, a few that are totally indulgent to everyone's salted caramel obsession. I went for a few scoops of salted caramel ice cream and Shay went for the salted caramel profiteroles (yes!) that comes with a coffee, so he opted for an Irish one. Obviously.

As if you need me to say it, but the whole meal was utterly brilliant and that is exactly why I love eating at Pizza Express, it's great food every single time. The fact that there is now seasonal menus with new options every six months, well it makes me feel even less guilty for going back time and time again. The new menu is out now if you feel tempted to go and try it, I know I do... again!