Bake Off Bake Along Week 7 | The Victorians

I know I'm about to read exactly the same sentiments in every other bake along post this week... but I'm going to say it anyway, Victorian baking wtf?!

I'm struggling to know what to write because I'm just in shock at that category, let alone how difficult it was to even pick one to bake. I liked the idea of doing the pie, but then I'm not that fond of game meat and also I'm not made of money. I thought the Charlotte Russe looked interesting but there seemed like too many elements, so I ended up landing on the tennis cake, which as you can probably already tell from my photos that I decided to get a bit creative and drift from the original recipe as there's not a hint of tennis to be found on this cake. 

And yes, I thought about turning it into a rugby cake, but I much prefer the little pastel iced gem look anyway. Half my reasoning behind not going the whole hog was because I couldn't justify spending even more money on making the almond paste, after committing to the fondant icing. And I know what you're thinking, 'what fondant icing?' well I've included a photo just to prove that I did actually make it, but I didn't let the leaf gelatine melt enough or more it just wasn't melting so there were stringy and clumpy bits of jelly in the fondant, which nobody needs to see or eat. Still I was quite pleased with it as a first try for fondant icing, and I'd definitely like to try it again.

Although I am actually quite pleased with how the cake has turned out and how yummy it is, it was actually really boring to make. A lot of chopping, slicing and waiting around and I actually think I could have done this in the time frame the bakers were given. The cake isn't that hard to make, you've just got to make sure it stays in the oven for the required two hours.

I do have a gripe though, I used this recipe which calls for a ridiculously small tin, and yes I get it's supposed to be deep but it really was tiny, I spent about 10 minutes in the shop making sure I wasn't going crazy and the recipe said what it did. I ended up opting for a bigger pan so the cake wasn't as deep but I'm ok with that because the cake is more easily distributed.

Cake for everyone!