Bake Off Bake Along Week 3 roundup & Week 4 - Desserts

I think bread week is definitely one of my favourite weeks on GBBO. As I said in my last post, bread is such a gratifying thing to bake because it takes a lot of care and attention and sometimes commitment - I'm looking at you sourdough.

Yet again, Amanda and I are so bowled over by how great everyone's bakes are and the pure creativity oozing out of this blogging series. Hats off to everyone, I'm so loving reading everyone's posts still and the hash tag is getting ridiculous - definitely some contenders for the actual show.

If you'd like to join in on the Bake Off Bake Along just add your post to the link up at the end - we're looking forward to reading your posts! Without further ado, here are our favourites from the bread week round:

For the signature challenge, Cate absolutely smashed it with her Garlic, Sundried Tomato and Goats Cheese Soda bread! Also Cate's posts are super hilarious so go follow along with her if you aren't already!
And I think we can all agree that Angela's baguettes look absolutely divine and totally wouldn't look out of place in a boulangerie! Hats off for doing so well on such a difficult technical challenge.
Sarah, where do I begin? This show stopper, well, really is a show stopper, and it looks insanely delicious too! Such an awesome job.
And now moving onto my own bake for desserts week.

I'm going to be completely honet, I've not go much to show you unfortuantely, and I only really have half a broken bake to submit - in fact it's probably worthy of the bin.

I decided to go with the meringue technical challenge, because not that you could tell from the photos below but I'm pretty confident normally with my mad meringue skills. I set about being able to serve this as a dessert yesterday at a family party, but we were all running around the house before everyone arrived that I simply didn't get a chance to finish it off. And it was pretty rushed and just plain awful anyway.

However, I learnt a few things for sure.

Using large piping bags is the only way to pipe. Unfortunately the bags I was using were way too small and things got messy, quickly.

When the recipe says draw a circle to on the greaseproof paper to great your hoop, just do it. You'll only end up with a squiggly mess afterwards.

Um, don't carry your meringue on a train back to London, it'll only end in a crumbly broken mess.

I have every intention of restarting and completing this challenge this week because I KNOW I can do this and I definitely need to prove my worth after two weeks of disasters.