The Mac & Cheese Burger

Yes. I put macaroni cheese and burger patties in a sesame seed bun... together. I feel like apologising to universe but I guess I'm not really that sorry.

This burger comes with a story. Back in February, we (collective group of friends) went to Portsmouth for one of Hang Fire's last gigs. Myself, Shay and two friends ended up burning a lot of time in Portsmouth (the only ones who managed to get the coach on time), not *really* knowing where anything was. We ended up in Yates' for a quick bite and a pint - I'm actually ashamed to be admitting this on here, but it's a thing that happened and there's no going back now.

On Yates' *cough* menu, next to the microwave meals, you'll find the list of burgers... both me and Shay saw the mac and cheese burger and decided to give it a whirl. I don't know what we were expecting, because I knew any visions of a juicy patty in a brioche bun, with a homemade ketchup... blah blah blah was not going to happen. Ever. Instead we received a talcum powder bread bun with an incinerated patty with what can only be described as a cheesey goo. Still we both ate our burgers, it filled a hole.

Months later I'm still dreaming about fulfilling the potential of what could be a dangerously filthy and delicious burger - so here we are on the unofficial National Burger Day. 
I present The Mac & Cheese Burger.

This post is very picture heavy but I guess you have to understand the burger building process I went through to get to this point. I've outlined the inspiration for this monstrosity already, but Shay and I are also huge Five Guys fans (best burger around #justsayin) so when Shay found a blog post explaining how to do it, the challenge was set.

The verdict? Close but not close enough, but definitely an improvement on any other homemade burgers we've done before. And now I have a little dish of mac in the fridge just ready to be snacked on - I'm so winning at life. The recipe is at the end of the page, should you so wish to follow in my awful cheese-ridden footsteps. Enjoy!

This is a bit of a slog so bear with me.

The Mac & Cheese Burger

150g Macaroni Pasta
150g Chedder Cheese
1 small red onion
Dijon Mustard
1/2 quantities of this white sauce

250g Minced Beef - we bought a 500g pack and made four patties but I think you could definitely make smaller patties and have four with 250g
Seeded buns
Any other burger garnish you so wish, we went with:
Ketchup, Mayo & American Mustard
Beef Tomato
Iceberg Lettuce
Chestnut Mushrooms
White Onion
1 rasher of smoked bacon each

This is all about timing so making sure you have everything chopped and ready to throw in a pan is VITAL to ultimate burger goodness.

Put your pasta on to boil and start making your cheese sauce
I chopped my small red onion and fried in the melted butter, after a few minutes I added the flour to make the roux
Add the milk slowly, constantly stirring on a low heat, when it looks like it has thickened add the cheese until melted I also added a sprinkle of parmesan because I had it in the fridge already
Take the cheese sauce off the heat, drain your pasta, mix together and whack into the oven on about 200c (fan) for about 20 minutes
If you're having oven chips/fries now is a good time to put them in the oven

The patties are simple, you just need to divide into however many patties you're making and flatten them down in between squares of grease proof paper, ready for chucking in last minute

Now, start to fry off your onions and until they start to brown, and add in your sliced mushroom if you're going for that too until it's all cooked off - leave on a separate plate to rest

You can start assembling the colder ingredients of your burger now, making sure you add ample sauce to satisfy and layering up the lettuce, tomato, onions and mushrooms

Then when your mac and chips are done, take them out of the oven or move to a lower shelf - turn on your grill full whack and put the bacon under, keeping an eye so it doesn't burn

Now you can start frying off your patties, place them in a hot pan and cook for about 1:30 - 2mins on each side - if you need to turn your bacon over in the grill do it half way through cooking the patties

When your patties are done, take them off the pan and leave to rest on top of each other.

Assemble the rest of your burger and shove in your face.