Bake Off Bake Along | Week 3 - Bread

Bread week, beautiful bread week.

Before I crack on with my own post, continuing with the #bakeoffbakealong go check out Amanda's post to find out who we've picked for last weeks favourite bakes. As of last night, there are 127 posts on that hashtag on instagram! Amazing work guys, thank you so much for getting involved and umm, can you all stop being so amazing? It's making picking favourites *really* difficult!

As always link up details are at the bottom of the post and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's breads.

So onto my bake! I love baking bread, it's probably one of the most satisfying things to make, probably because most of the time it's a lot more laborious than other baked goods and harder to get right, but when you finally do, the results are so worth all the effort.

I decided to go with the signature this week, against much deliberation - I couldn't make my mind up over the technical challenge baguettes, which I still desperately want to do, or the quick bread signature. I ended up going with the signature because I've never made a soda bread before and was tempted by learning to make such a quick and easy  bread.

The flavour combination I decided one was Chorizo, Chilli & Olive soda bread, which are definitely up there in my favourite flavours/things to eat - anything Spanish or Italian, big bold flavours with a nice kick to them! Yep, that's me.

And after watching last week's episode, I knew I had to use '00' grade flour in my bread because it's my favourite flour to use and work with, so I did a 50/50 split between '00' and strong white flour. The recipe needs tinkering with so I'm not going to post it just yet but bear with me, I definitely will be posting.

The only downside to this bake was um... it didn't actually end up being baked? I undercooked it massively as I misjudged the cooking time - despite a rather convincing hollow sounding bottom. Although it was a disappointment in terms of the actual bake, the flavours are amazing so I've still got hope. So definitely no star baker for me this week, but I'm going to be trying this again within the next few days as I really want to get this up as a recipe. Keep your eyes peeled.

I think I might even still give those baguettes a go too, it's always good to add another string to the bow eh?