What's For Lunch Today? Pilpel | Spitalfields

I cannot tell you how happy I am to be doing one of these posts again. Hooray for indulgent lunches!

After my redundancy I went straight into a role in Richmond, a very busy role that affected my capability to blog. But being in Richmond also meant boring lunches, a quick run out to the shop or in some cases no lunch breaks at all. Which is fine, but I am now glad to be working in Shoreditch where there is an ABUNDANCE of places to eat for lunch. On my first day I literally felt like a child in a toy shop.

Anyway, on with Pilpel. I'd been eyeing it up all last week. I used to get lunch from a place on Leather Lane called Chick which was a very similar concept of falafel in a pita, or container with loads of really delicious salad and hummus. I visited the Pilpel outside Spitalfields Market, although there's one also inside the market, near St Pauls and one on Fleet St too.

To say this place gets busy is an understatement, it's obviously popular and I now I know why. You get two options, falafel in a container or in a pita (white or brown), you get six falafels, and any choice of salad included in the price - it'll set you back £5.80 for a container which initially horrified me but I considered not finishing it there was so much. The salad ranges from a red onion herby thing to pickled red cabbage, a lettuce, tomato and cucumber concoction amongst others, as well as two chillis - give me chillis on anything and I'll be happy.

When I got my container back to the office, the smells coming from the fresh falafel were insane, and they tasted just as good. I was really pleased with my first choice on re-entering a foodie haven and it's going to be a struggle to try and avoid going back everyday.

I feel like I say this in every WFLT (What's for lunch today? ha) post but yes, I know, £5.80 is a lot of money to spend on a weekday lunch, but as a Friday treat, as we probably all know, I really don't mind. You can add on paid-for extras like an egg, and extra falafels and stuff like that but I really don't think it needs it. And also, falafel and egg? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong but, er gross? Anyway, if you're around the Spitalfields area and are looking for a delicious lunch, I'd definitely give this place some consideration, you'll be full and very happy at the end.