Roast Chicken, Garlic Fried Pak Choi & Chestnut Mushroom Salad

As I write this, it's probably the most grey day we've had in about a month and it's spitting, which doesn't tie in with the title of this post at all but I'm sure the hot hot hot weather and sun will be back with a vengeance to kiss our skin before too long.

You may or may not know, but I'm incredibly fond of a dinner salad, (evidence can be found both here, and here) one with lots of substance to it and a variety of elements to really fill a hole. The summer-time salads I love the most though, are the ones with both hot and cold ingredients because then it really does feel like a proper meal instead of a measly bit of greenery that barely even touches the sides. Ain't nobody got time for that, amirite?

Over the last month, we've gone a bit mad for veggies in our house and have barely touched a carbohydrate passed 6pm (bar any cake or biscuits because... well, after dinner treat anyone?!). I hate feeling stodgy in the excessive heat so it just hasn't really felt right. This salad however does feature roasted sweet potato, but only half a potato per person so it's not too much.

For me, salads are very much a spur of the moment thing, I'll literally just walk round the shop picking up whatever takes my fancy because it's really quite hard to mismatch flavours, that's why I ended up with pak choi. I love love love the inclusion of garlic fried chestnut mushrooms and pak choi in here, I think it really sends the dish from being great to brilliant, and the pak choi was grown in Worcester, which is a huge bonus, especially now asparagus season is well and truly over.

I used chicken thighs with a medium nandos marinade (yum) although because they were roasted and we took off the skin, the flavour was lost completely. I was in a bit of a rush but normally I'd take off the skin off and attempt to debone to make the post-roasting situation quicker and easier.

The base of the salad is a 'beetroot bistro' type salad bag from Sainsbury's with baby plums, cucumber and some raw red onion just for good measure. I'm looking forward to doing this salad again, but perhaps this time with grilled chicken breasts instead of thighs and ommitting the asparagus because, well, let's not talk about it shall we?! Boohoo.

What are your favourite ingredient combinations for dinner-sized salads?