Prosecco, Sausages & Sun

There are few things I love more than feeling the warmth of the sun on the back of my shoulders; I'm a summer baby through and through. So when I found out it was going to be a bright, sunny 27c on my day off last Friday, well I immediately text shay and plans were put in place to celebrate by spending the day in the sun with bbq sausages and prosecco. Because, that's the only thing to do, right?

We set off early in the morning to the supermarket to fetch all the bits we needed, as there was only two of us for food, we didn't have to splurge and only really bought two packs of sausages, some buns and some mini portobello mushrooms, as well as sun cream, prosecco and I took a slight detour to New Look for some sun bathing attire.

We rushed back home, made a quick tupperware filled with salad, prepped the mushrooms for cooking and set off with a cool bag filled with ice, booze and our food, a few blankets and of course, a disposable barbecue... which by the way only cost a mere £2 from Tesco. Absolute bargain when you don't have a garden and need to improvise in the park.

I can't tell you what a lovely day we had, I made serious gains on my base tan, although it's definitely just a tan now and ate some seriously good grub. The two types of sausages were caramalised onion and then a spicy option from the Tesco Finest range - which I'd thoroughly reccommend. Our salad was made up of pretty much everything, leaves, cucumber, baby plums, spring onion, beetroot, olives, mozarella and a sweet pepper and chilli dressing. We also did our staple garlic butter mushrooms, literally just grated garlic mixed with butter and then smeared all over the top. So perfect.

The best bit about it was we were so close to home in our local park that I was able to take the plates back after we'd eaten and pop to the toilet at the same time.

Days like this are truly what summer is all about for me, we haven't got any big chunks of holiday booked off so we're making the effort to take days off here and there to chill out. I bought two disposable barbecues so weather permitting I might suggest another one for this weekend, although I'm sure no one will need convincing after seeing these pictures!