Nike Women's 10k Race | Victoria Park, London

I did it! I totally did it!!

It was the Nike Women's 10k race in Victoria Park, London on Sunday, my first ever 10k race and it was so brilliant.

As you may have seen for the last few months on twitter or instagram or even on this here blog, I've been ramping up my efforts to be ready for this race and all the effort paid off. It was such a glorious day in the end, it began quite cloudy and a little moody but as the start time grew closer, the skies opened up to become a lovely sunny day. Not my *ideal* for running, as I personally like it a little cooler but lets be honest, I'd rather the sun than the torrential downpour we'd seen the day before.

There was such a good atmosphere in the event village before and after the race, with around 10,000 ladies - and yes, a few men - milling about enjoying the different stands, and the free glass of champagne for after the race! There was a warm up in the starting lines which I did find a little cringe-worthy BUT alas, it was all in good fun.

So times, I finished the race in 1:00:34, which unfortunately wasn't the sub 60 minute time I was after but I'm still really pleased with that for my first ever race, particularly as a year ago I couldn't even run a mile, let alone over six of them... in a race... with loads of other people around. I was worried that being around so many other people would make me run too fast at the beginning and therefore knacker my legs for the rest of the race, but the race was segregated off well and I managed a really consistent, steady pace the whole way round, including a slight sprint at the end.

If you're thinking of getting involved in a race, I couldn't recommend it more. It's given me something to work towards, and look forward to, as well as being good for me and fun all at the same time. So much fun that I'm about to sign up for another 10k in September... somebody stop me!