Friday Reading

Alright, that's it, I'm taking 5 minutes of my non-existent lunch break to write a quick blog post. I'm so crazily busy at work (which is amazing) that I literally have no time to even think about blogging, even when I get home.

My lack of posting over the last few weeks is not for lack of trying, or desperation to find the time - trust me. I'm still finding time on my commutes to read all my regulars and other bits so I thought I'd put some 'Friday Reading' links together because, well, we haven't done that in a while, have we?

Let's get reading - from the last week and beyond:

Roxanne's beautiful bag, that made me immediately click onto asos and consider ordering one
Rosie's glorious looking glamping trip in Yorkshire, that also made me consider booking
Cate's cake for her sister's 18th from earlier in the month, an utter masterpiece
Amanda's thoughts on wedding planning and keeping a level head
Katy's amazingly colourful photos from her trip back home
Catherine's insightful thoughts on updating your CV - for life admin
And finally, the last installment of Callie's travel experiences - a very inspiring read!

If you've got any great reads from the last week or more, let me know below!

Otherwise I hope you all have a brilliant weekend and normal service will resume shortly, promise!