Poached Egg & Grilled Asparagus

The fact that we are coming up to asparagus season has been playing on my mind. I like to try and eat as seasonally as possible but there's one veg that has really wormed its way onto my agenda for good, and it's asparagus.

Whilst I was binging on Pretty Little Liars at the back end of last week, whilst sewing, eating biscuits and drinking loads of tea, I managed to make time for lunch. The day I had this, I actually went for a mammoth 5.2 mile run in the morning so this was a really lovely post-workout snack, partnered with gallons of water.

I only ever do asparagus one way, and that's grilled. It's literally the easiest thing to leave on a low heat whilst you focus on other elements of the dish, in this case making sure the eggs are poached to perfection. As a side note, the other egg was perfectly gooey, the one I cut was a little hard but still a good amount of gooey yolk there.

This dish is perfectly light for spring, in fact I wish I worked from home every day to be able to make this.

What You Need:
Half a pack or a pack of asparagus - depending on their size and your appetite
Two eggs
Low fat oil spray

What You Need To Do:
Lay your asparagus on a small baking tray after snapping off the woody ends
Spray with the cooking oil and season - I like to add more salt than usual when grilling
Place under the grill on a low-medium heat for about 10 minutes
Poach your eggs
Season and serve

How easy/delicious is that?