Little Bull Kitchen @ The Urban Bar | Whitechapel, London

If you've ever been to Whitechapel, it's probable you've walked passed or at least looked at The Urban Bar directly. How do I know? Because it's slap-bang right opposite the entrance to the station.

The Urban Bar is admittedly, a pub that is very close to my heart. My friends have worked there, still work there, have lived upstairs, played gigs there, held parties and charity events... long story short, I've had more hangovers from this place than I'd definitely care to admit. So I was absolutely overjoyed when I found out they were undergoing a refurbishment, including revamping the menu and food.

The Little Bull Kitchen have taken up residency at the Urban Bar and have been operating in the pub for a good few months now. Seeing as I'd heard nothing but rave reviews from some of my dearest pals, I knew a visit was in order. So after work on Thursday, Shay and I welcomed in the Easter weekend by heading down for a few pints after work and sampling the new menu.

The main offering on the menu is the burgers, oh the burgers. But there is also a range of super tasty looking mains with an array of sides, and on Sundays they offer up a roast dinner - which I totes can't wait to try. But to accompany our pints, Shay and I both opted for a burger each which are served in *homemade* *brioche buns* *yes*. 

We went tactical and ordered two that we both liked the look of and shared, a 'bravas burger' and the 'firebrand'. We also got a side of Skinny Fries and Bravas Fries which we definitely over ordered on; one portion of fries is more than enough for two very hungry people. Although you can't go wrong with either fries, the Bravas fries really hit the spot with a sour cream and smoked paprika infused 'bravas' sauce on top - I won't ever hesitate to order these again. And I'm pretty sure I saw someone walk past our table, see the fries, dribble and order some of their own.

I honestly think that the burgers can rival that of MEATMission and in Shay's words 'kicks the shit out of GBK'. The sweet and smokiness of the bravas burger was beautiful, especially alongside the medium-rare cooked burger patty and fluffy bun. A true winning burger, but only topped by the firebrand, again boasting a medium-rare patty (medium-rare comes as standard) with chargrilled jalapeƱos. They give the burger a real kick but not like anyway I've had before - there's something special about this but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Oh yeah, and did I mentioned that all of their burgers come with bacon and cheese as standard? Heck yes.

The best bit about eating at the Urban Bar, is that you get to wash down your meal with your favourite pint in a chilled and relaxed pub environment, and I guess the fact that the burgers won't set you back more than £8, which in comparison to the top burger joints in London is a snip because Little Bull could really be compared against them.

I honestly won't be surprised if the Little Bull Kitchen puts the Urban Bar on the burger joint map of London, and we all know how London loves a burger. Just refer to the evidence in the photos below, then let me know where the burgers sit on your scale of 1 to best burger.