March | Monthly Picks

It's safe to say, I've well and truly got the spring bug, much like the rest of the blogging world. The sun poking out of the sky has made me all giddy and I even omitted wearing a coat on Monday to work. It was a little chilly, but I'm an optimistic kinda person, what can I say?!

My favourite pick this month - although I love them all - has to be those gorgeous WAH London nail colours (I've totes been lusting after them on instagram). I've a serious problem when it comes to nail polish so have tried my very best not to buy any recently. It's been a few months so I think I deserve a treat. And tbh, who could deny when there's gorgeous colours like that on offer? And special mention goes to the rose gold casio. I've had a gold one since I was 16 so I think I'm due a shiny new watch, don't you think?

Nike Running Shorts
Running Headphones (that aren't in-ear!!)
River Island Makeup Bag
Rose Gold Casio Watch
River Island Pastel Duster Jacket 
WAH London Nail Colours