Cake For An Occasion

Well hello. Long time no speak, or at least it feels like it. Today I have photos of a banana loaf cake, and it comes with a story, probably one that you won't expect either.

No one ever teaches you how to deal with being made redundant, especially being made redundant at the age of 23. It's tough; the last few weeks have been super tough, but I've now made it out the other side and today I'm starting a new contract role. My unemployment lasted just less than 24 hours thankfully due to a number of factors; I have a brilliant support network of friends and family, but also a fear - that became all to real over the last few weeks - of being unable to pay the bills and rent. 

Shit got very real.

But, it's worked out OK and I ended up being able to take the back end of last week to focus on things I like doing and really chilling out at home, I feel much more human again instead of running around like a headless chicken, stressed to the max.

ANYWAY, when I was let go I posted on my facebook page that I was looking for a new role, and that if anyone knew of any temp/contract roles to get in touch. Long story short, my friends and family are utterly amazing and I felt truly well looked after. I ended up taking a role the next day from an application I had made myself but still felt so grateful for all the support. So back onto facebook I went, exclaiming my thanks for the love and support. I said I'd be baking and sewing and doing the things I love and as a half joke, that if anyone wanted any cake, to let me know and I'd bake it. For some weird and unknown reason loads of people commented saying they'd like some banana cake - only God knows why. So I baked a banana loaf cake. 

Because when you get made redundant, what else are you supposed to do? 

I think of it as not an occasion cake, but a cake to mark an occasion.

Onwards and upwards!