What's For Lunch Today? Shoryu-Go | Soho

It's quite safe to say, people go crazy for ramen right?! Soupy, noodley goodness with loads of flavour, what's not to like?

Shoryu is a Japanese restaurant group in central London, with a couple of locations around the piccadilly/soho area serving up a whole menu's worth of ramen, steamed buns, sashimi and a range of sakes and rice wines. When it comes to Japanese food, they've pretty much got you covered.

I first tried Shoryu in their Carnaby restaurant for dinner only a few weeks ago, but considering they have a take away branch close to my work, I knew I had to go along and check if their 'to go' offering is as good as their sit-down restaurants provide.

Verdict? I preferred the restaurant grub, but that's NOT to say I didn't enjoy Shoryu-Go. So what are it's redeeming features? Well for starters, the same food is cheaper than at their restaurants. Instead of being £11 their Ganso Tonkotsu, Shoryu's signature ramen - is only £7.60 and I'd say the portion size is only slightly smaller - arguably a much more manageable portion for a lunch or lighter dinner.

At their Carnaby restaurant I did have the Ganso Tonkotsu, and it was delicious and I was so full afterwards - in fact I couldn't even finish it. I decided to go for the Tori Kara-Age Men at Shoryu-Go, which is served with rice noodles as a gluten-free option. I wanted to try it out after seeing Loriley try it. Food envy or what?! It was lovely, although the first thing I noticed was not as much care is taken for presentation, for example my nitamago (egg) was buried under the broth and noodles instead of boastingly floating at the top. I also swerved the 'fish cakes' because I'm a wuss when it comes to unrecognisable food - particularly fish. I passed them on to my sister who enjoyed the fishcakes thoroughly and exclaimed they were pretty much exactly like crab sticks. So at least someone got to enjoy it.

I really really enjoyed the rice noodles, which inevitably didn't make me bloat afterwards but still kept me full. I'd love to know if supplementing rice noodles in their other ramen bowls is an option, and is probably something I'll go back to find out about.

So really other than presentation and a slightly smaller portion size, which I can totally understand, there's not much difference in the take out option, which is a huge plus in my eyes! I'll definitely be going back to try more of their menu including their extremely tasty looking steamed buns and maybe even after work with a cheeky Japanese beer to boot! 

If you're a fan of ramen, and fancy something quick and easy in Soho, I'd recommend a visit to Shoryu-Go, but if you have a bit more time to spare, definitely try and get to one of their restaurants, you won't be disappointed.