Friday Reading

It's Friday! Hope you're all looking forward to the weekend and whether you're running about here there and everywhere, or taking a chilled one at home - I hope it's a good one.

Here's this week's roundup from the internet. I tried with all my might not to include any Madonna GIFs. I actually saw it first hand, as my attention was waning from watching the Brits all evening and I howled with laughter. I laughed so hard and loudly that I woke up Shay and he was angry. I had the giggles for the rest of the evening which didn't help, but I knew in the morning he'd understand why. And since then he's been sending me articles and GIFs of the incident - so everything has come full circle really.

Anyway, on with the links:

 - THIS buzz feed page on celebs with a selfie stick at the Brits
 - An interesting read on perceptions and projections of eating disorders in the media
 - Heather's boredom
 - Kellie's blog update - I love Kellie's blog and reading about her plans to go travelling so soon is so exciting
 - Loriley's dedication to giving up sugar (!!!) for Lent - very admirable
 - Not an article or blog post but a review for some headphones, I was browsing amazon for some headphones to run with and came across this review... I don't even know how I really feel about it, it's bizarre but it did make me chuckle

The internet is a weird and wonderful place.