Friday Reading

Like most weeks, I've read A LOT of good articles, blog posts and whatever else this week on the interwebs so I'm going to try and make this more of a regular thing.

That was short and sweet, let's get into it:

- Ruby Tandoh's article on her relationship with food - a compelling read, probably one of the best articles I've read in ages
- This inspiring piece I read yesterday about saying a big F U to normal conventions to see the world
- This Buzzfeed list that is still making me laugh now at the thought of it
- Emily's seriously amazing salmon wonton noodle soup
- These ingenious spray painted jars
- And just all of Callie's posts about her 5 week trip to SE Asia over Christmas & New Year

And someone super talented who I'm finding I double tap on every single one of her photos, the lovely Nicola Richman and her instagram - just do it, it makes sense

I hope you enjoy some of those links, if you've got any articles you've read this week that you'd love to share, please paste in a comment and I'll check it out for sure!

Otherwise hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!