Looking back at the passed year, it's easy to see that it has been an absolute blinder. I have had the best year yet and am so excited for what this year has is store for me.

In January last year I wrote some belated resolutions that really marked the proper inception of this blog, writing regularly about things that I love doing, creating and mainly eating. I set myself the goal of becoming physically and mentally stronger, which I can safely say I am well on my way to achieving. I have come to realise that exercising isn't about losing weight, and the focus has shifted on to becoming fitter, stronger and pushing myself to improve. I never in a million years thought I could be good at any kind of exercise, and now here I am, talking on my blog about it.

I did also spend a lot of time focusing on me and doing things that make me happy. I baked a lot, I got back into reading books, discovered some pretty cool new music, and took up a new hobby in learning to make my own clothes which I absolutely adore doing.

This year also saw Shay and I venture on our first proper holiday since being together. We also moved in together, which was the best decision we've ever made and hit a half a decade milestone in our relationship. What a year.

I also couldn't complete a roundup without mentioning how proud I am of this online space. It has grown and developed into a place I love sharing snippets of my life on, and has also lead to so many amazing opportunities (with this probably being the absolute highlight, as well as winning a KitchenAid). Last year I met some wonderful people through blogging, which I hope is something that continues on into the coming year. And finally, thank you for every comment, tweet, like and whatever else you lovely lot leave me to read. Reading comments and seeing people engage is my favourite aspect of blogging, every time I get a notification I get so excited - so thank you.

So now for some more resoultions; this year I resolve to:

Challenge myself creatively - I want to become a better baker, better at sewing, and a better blogger. I want to push myself out of my comfort zone to achieve more, especially with sewing and baking and really start to master the skills required to be... well amazing.

Take myself (a bit more) seriously and have confidence in myself - Bear with me... Seeing how far I have come over the last year has been a bit of an eye opener in what I am capable of achieving, so why not take myself and my capabilities a little more seriously in order to become even more successful at the things I love doing?! I still promise to chat absolute nonsense 90% of the time though.

More of a personal one; Save money - This is a tough one, living in London and always having the temptation of meeting someone is so detrimental to saving money, but this year I'm going to make some good headway to put some money aside for a rainy day.

These resolutions go hand-in-hand with all the usuals of constantly attempting to better ourselves - it goes without saying.

I hope you all had a fantastic time over the festive period and saw the New Year in, in style. Here's to a super fantastic year to come!