Food To Inspire

I'm a frequent user of the #foodporn tag on instagram - I like looking at pictures of food quite a lot. Well styled photos of delicious food make me hungry and amazed but most importantly, inspired to try out new flavours in the kitchen - as a creature of habit I find it so easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to dinner time.

I thought I'd collect some of the foods that have been swirling around this here brain of mine since I first came across them in hope of potentially passing on the inspiration I feel when I look at pictures such as these.

I've included all the links to each photo, which will take you back to the amazing creators of the recipes. All the recipes come from a range of different sources, either what I've seen on a blog or website or even from a TV food show - my personal favourite TV chef at the moment is Tom Kerridge, he just seems like such a nice bloke y'know?!

Honey & Garlic Pulled Chicken - Even though I actually made this on the weekend, I had to include it because that photo man - I just couldn't get the thought of chicken, cooked in the slow cooker for so long in a sweet, sticky sauce. It lived up to expectations trust me.

Sushi - I just took my first visit to the Japan Centre on Shaftesbury Ave and I'm shocked I haven't made it in there before. You can guess by the name as to what they sell in there, but it's just so amazing - fresh food, groceries, tableware and so much more - and now I want to learn to make sushi. Not fickle at all am I? 

Boozy Inside Out Trifle Cake - Everything about this cake just screams 'YES' to me. First of all I LOVE the colours in the photo, the cake just looks so inviting and then the idea of having trifle within a cake just... mind = blown.

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Ramen - Confession time, I've not actually had ramen... yet! But this bowl of noodley soupy goodness just looks perfect; perfection in a bowl and the recipe sounds stunning. If it didn't look like such a ball-ache to make I'd have a go at this right now.

Mussels in Ale - Love you long time Tom Kerridge! I saw this on one of his programmes a while ago, he visited a brewery and attended the ale festival but also cooked for the crowd. A take on Moules Marinieres, Tom has cooked these mussels in a bitter ale broth which just sounds utterly divine if you ask me.

Beef Wellington - Whilst watching TV the other night we saw one of Jamie Oliver's Christmas programmes in which he offered up this beef wellington as an alternative to Turkey, which I totally dig. He made this look SO easy to make and to be honest, the way he seared that beef joint had us both sold.

Have any of these photos or recipes tickled your fancy? Let me know what gives you inspiration in the kitchen!