Weekend Brunch Ideas #1

I don't really know why I've never thought to post anything like this before because either every Saturday or Sunday (or both), Seamus and like to have a bit of an indulgent breakfast... or by the time we end up actually eating after having copious amounts of tea (and biscuits) in bed it's more like brunch.

These meals never really stretch to a full fry up because our weekend brunches are normally made out of whatever is left in the fridge from the previous week, with only one staple ingredient week to week - eggs. It's a good way to use things up and experiment in the kitchen, without going all out for a full-on meal.

For a not-so-lazy Sunday morning - we cleaned the flat from top to bottom, which definitely meant a brunch was on the cards - we opted for scrambled egg on toast with garlicy, buttery chestnut mushrooms. Just yum.

The eggs pictured are a little over how we normally have them, but I have to admit I took my eye off the ball - still it tasted great. I realise this is relatively straight forward but I love reading blog posts for quick and easy yet delicious recipes so the recipe is as follows :)

Scrambled Eggs on Toast with Garlic Butter Mushrooms
Serves 2

What You Need:
2 slices of your favourite bread - we used the Super Seeded Loaf from M&S
4 eggs
A splash of milk (or cream if you have it)
Worcestershire sauce
Tobasco sauce
Salt & Pepper
5-6 chestnut mushrooms
5 cloves of garlic
A knob of butter

What You Need To Do:
Chop up your mushrooms
Put them in a small saucepan with a lid with the butter and garlic cloves (some whole and some slightly crushed is good)
Put the saucepan on a low-medium heat with the lid on and leave to do it's magic for 5 mins
Keep shaking the saucepan with the lid on to mix up the garlic and mushrooms, making sure none have stuck to the bottom
When the mushrooms have released the juices, turn the heat down and take off the lid, leave to thicken
In the meantime, toast your bread to your own preference
Mix the eggs, milk, a splash of worcestershire sauce, a few drops of tobasco and the salt and pepper 
Put a small frying pan on medium heat and melt in a little butter covering the bottom of the pan
Add the egg mixture and scramble the eggs
Take the mushrooms off the heat
Butter your toast
When the eggs are successfully scrambled, serve on top of the toast then add the mushrooms on top
We also eat the garlic cloves because they're good for you and not strong after being cooked
Eat and enjoy :)

A great way to start a weekend day, I'm sure you'll agree!