This Last Week #5

There's actually been quite a lot happening round these parts over the last few weeks, despite the last weekend having a completely lazy last-weekend-before-payday kinda vibe to it, whilst ploughing through the second series of Breaking Bad. We are hooked. Anyway, looking back here's what has happened:

Would you judge me if I told you we went to Five Guys twice... in one week? Part of me is filled with shame, the other filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Seamus and I decided to go out for lunch a few weekends ago, and I finally managed to persuade him to go to Patty & Bun, but obviously when we got there, there was a huge queue, and with it being around 2pm already we decided to hot foot it to Covent Garden and indulge in a familiar favourite. The second time came the following Thursday on our day off, we met my sister at Westfield White City before heading back home to go to a family wedding the next day.

I would just like to point out that on the Thursday, I did actually go to bootcamp before the trip to Five Guys, so it's not as bad as it seems... right? RIGHT?

The main reason we went to Westfield was however, to visit Boots (Westfield White City Boots is amazing and huge btw) because Wah Nails were doing free manicures with any purchase. I saw the advert in instagram the day before and with a wedding to go to, I let my sister know and it was a done deal. I bought the shade pictured on my nails, a matte dark blue (my dress was mustard, see below) which I can't currently remember the name of but will update if I remember to do so. So I had that colour painted on, with a gold shimmer 'fade' effect on my ring finger nail - it was very understated and actually looked quite classy, so I was really pleased with it.

If you read This Particular regularly, you'll already have seen this picture from a previous post but I wanted to include it here because I loves it *insert heart eye emoji here* ! It was a gorgeous day and I'm so pleased with my choice of dress, I felt so comfortable but still a bit glam. I think this is probably the only yellow thing in my wardrobe but it has become one of my favourites. But I love the picture because it's nice.

Do you know how difficult it is to find fireworks in central London? Honestly for the lack of advertising, I actually forgot it was Bonfire Night last wednesday until the afternoon. I searched high and low and then found some fireworks in my local supermarket, because you can't NOT have sparklers on bonfire night, I'm sure you'll agree! They are the most fun. Although, I'll always remember when I was about 4-5 years old, we were out in the garden watching fireworks and holding sparklers - my mum had got me this lovely (and probably really cute) winter coat, which I decided to put my sparkler to and burn down the front...! After the initial shock and making sure I was ok, I don't think my mum was best pleased about me ruining a new coat, but still we can laugh about it now, or at least I can!

We had a birthday in the office last week too, and although I brought in cakes on the same day, totally coincidentally, a huge box of cakes was sent in from a friend of the birthday girl. Chocolate, Raspberry and Red Velvet cakes, all thoroughly enjoyed and devoured by all. I love office birthdays!

And on Friday I went to one of my favourite stalls on the Berwick St market for lunch, Savage Salads. I was in a very indecisive mood and was actually just floating around soho looking for inspiration. The queue for this place is normally at least 20 people long, but when I saw there were only a couple of people in the queue I jumped in. The salad was good rocket fuel for later when I went to the 19.50 class at Barry's Bootcamp - one of my favourites, led by Faisal Abdalla and with a live DJ. I pushed myself hard and was pleased with my performance, I can see myself improving week on week, it really is amazing.

But after the class, my legs literally felt like jelly and I think if I'd have fallen down the escalators on the tube it probably would have hurt less. I'm still hobbling around but I guess that's a sign of a good work out? Even if it renders me almost useless for the rest of the week.

And then the weekend. This weekend was one of the most lazy I've had in a while, but was very welcome. On Saturday we got up, went to the shop and bought everything we would need for the weekend, put our dinner in the slow cooker and got down to business with Breaking Bad. We basically just sat in front of the box and watched copious amounts of tv whilst eating and eating and eating. Then on Sunday we got our act together and gave the flat a DEEP clean, like seriously good-for-the-soul kinda clean and the above picture was the result. I even went to Primark quickly and picked up a few nesty things including the tea lights (although not the holders), a laundry bin for our towels and some new tea towels - I KNOW I live an exciting life! But still it's these little things that make a rented space feel a little more homey.

What have you all been up to?!