What's For Lunch Today? Wrap Chic | Soho

If there's one type of food I am always, without doubt, in the mood for, it's curry. I love Indian food, and I make no bones about it.

However, I'm aware of the fact eating curry every day morning, noon and night isn't conducive to a hot body, so I try to limit myself as much as I can, even though Sunday night takeaways are sometimes just too tempting...!

I also really love burritos, although I am terribly picky - I can't stand an unbalanced burrito with mismatched flavours, with worst of all... dry meat. Bleurgh. It's something I feel quite strongly about though. 

When I stumbled across Wrap Chic the other week, I was intrigued by the smells wafting around the vicinity. Curry. Yes. On my lunch... who cares right? Upon further inspection, I realised that this wasn't just your simple curry shop but more an Indian-Mexican fusion... curry burritos. I probably don't need to say more, but I will.

I'll start off by mentioning that I started queuing outside, yes the queue was that long; lunchers so ravenous for a curry infused burrito experience. I went for the Chicken Mughlai burrito and before I knew it, I'd chosen my fillings and was on my merry way, burrito in hand.

I have to say I was pretty damn excited to rip open the tin foil, and I was not disappointed. The flavours were so amazing, and the burrito in general was super filling. The chicken had a lovely kick to it, but wasn't SO spicy, still if I was very sensitive to chilli, I'd probably ask the counter for a more mellow flavour. The inclusion of the 'salsa' style veggies was very welcome and the whole thing just blended together so nicely, so much so that I think curry burritos should be an industry standard.

Do you know what's even more nice about Wrap Chic? The fact you can get a decent sized lunch for less than a fiver... my burrito with no added extras (because I didn't really want cheese or anything else on it) came in at £4.95 - a rarity in central London, I'm sure you'll agree.

I'm sorry, I tried to take a decent picture but there's just no way of doing so, burritos are not photogenic. 

I can't wait to take anyone who will go with me there, so I will be back for sure, because also the rest of their menu looks banging - even their vegan option (which I more often than not will never go for) looks tasty. Wrap Chic, thank you for a splendid Friday treat, you've got a great thing going on.