I don't know whether it's a good thing or a bad thing, but recently, I've found myself hovering over the hair dye section in Boots...

It seems I'm lusting over a change and quite a dramatic one. I've had the same hair cut for a good three years now, a boring old one length hair cut with a bouncy fringe - well, bouncy when it feels like it, whatever else the rest of the time. Can you sense some animosity between me and the fringe? Because I certainly can.

I realise I'm doing this all backwards, because really you should have short hair in the summer, long in the winter but hey, I'm a rule-breaker of sorts, or more like I just don't care?! My long hair is becoming unmanageable - and by that I mean it's taking far too long to get my tangle teaser through it in the morning and because of that I need a change.

Don't get me wrong, I love my long hair, up until the age of about 20 I had always had short hair, never any longer than the tops of my shoulders but then came along being a student and not having any money to go to the hairdressers, and so it grew. And I love it, most days and especially when I actually bother to style it - 90% of the time I'm very much a 'wash and go' type of gal.

So while I make up my mind, here's my inspiration. Some of these are a little shorter than I'd like to go but all have the same kind of just to them. My favourite has to be Emma Stone, as her hairstyle in this picture is a lot more 'unrefined' but I definitely mean that in a good way.

So what do you think of these styles? To chop or not?