Bake Off Bake Along #9 | Schichttorte

It's alright everyone, I've redeemed myself.

I don't know about you, but whenever I've created a couple of less-than-desirable bakes consecutively, I start to lose my mojo a bit. It makes me demotivated and quite bitter about the whole ordeal. But then along comes a schichttorte, a pretty damn good one at that (if I say so myself) and all is right with the world again. I used this recipe, by Mr Hollywood himself.

Let it be known, that this was time consuming, it took me about 2 and a half hours from start to finish (including washing up time). And I definitely lost count of how many layers of sponge I had done, which is why I've ended up with more than 20. But do I get extra points for that? I should think so.

I can imagine with very little instruction, this would be quite difficult to make, but I actually found it fairly easy. Yes there are lots of parts to this bake, particularly the baking of single layers under the grill, one at a time...! But, overall I didn't find it too strenuous, which is quite refreshing actually, and definitely restores faith in my ability to bake.

I was really pleased at how well this turned out. With the layers being so thin, I was sceptical at how tall the cake would be, but by the time the last layer was grilled, the cake was basically at the top of the tin. I like a tall cake.

So I have a confession, in true Ala style I didn't completely stick to the recipe. I forgot to buy golden syrup (for the glaze), despite going to the shop for it and having it on my list. I believe I got way too distracted with how amazing the baking section is in that particularly tesco I was in. Seriously amazing and even cheaper than my beloved asda. Sorry, off on a tangent there, instead of golden syrup I used honey and I swerved the rum too.

But that's enough about my obsession over supermarkets. Here you can see all the layers; some of the 'dark layers' are much lighter than I would have liked but it's hard to know when it's done before it's burnt sometimes. Thankfully I didn't burn any layers.

And it looks as though there may be 24 layers - BOOM! Smashed it.

Having promised I'd discuss the flavour/texture of this cake, I'd like to say it's really delicious, light and spongey. You can definitely tell it's a 'European' cake but it's still really yum, I definitely wouldn't turn down a slice.

So there we have it, my Schichttorte, how do you think I did?

P.s. I can't believe this wednesday is the last Bake Off!!!!