This Last Week #1

I've experienced alotta lotta love in the blogging world in recent weeks, which is just fan-dabby-dosy. So I thought what better way to end the week than to include not only some of the things I've enjoyed this week IN REAL LIFE (because, you know, I do have one... sometimes) but also on the inter-web. Plus I always think these kinds of posts are a good way to remind yourself of what a great week you've had, even if it doesn't feel like it. 

Appreciating the little things.

The most amazingly doughy cinnamon bun I had for breakfast last Friday from the Nordic Bakery on Golden Square in Soho. It was huge and kept me full up right into the afternoon. I cannot wait to have another.

- Watching Germany spank Brazil - not that I have anything against Brazil - but I was with my friends, watching my boyfriend's band play, and the atmosphere in that place was just brilliant. Also I put a fiver on Germany to win the world cup at the beginning of the tournament, and now it's looking like a really good bet. Well done me.

- Watching my boyfriend's band play on the same night. They're gearing up for their EP launch on 19th July at Cherry Cola, at the Purple Turtle in Camden and they just sounded *so* good, even if I am biased. I love live music and they are just brill at it.

- Making some good headway and loosing a couple of pounds, I'm just really proud of myself of sticking to it this week and seeing the results is very satisfying. There's a certain pair of jeans I can't wait to wiggle myself back into and it's looming ever closer.

- Feeling super proud of my best friend who stepped on a plane on Wednesday morning to head off on an adventure Down Under. I'm going to miss her *a lot* but I know she's just going to have the most ridiculously fun time! Good luck Fo Fel!

Blog Posts That Have Tickled My Fancy

Aside from the pun (it's a great one) I haven't been able to stop thinking about creating this myself. Saturday brunch here I come.

Another food post but another great one. I'm all about the veg right now and Cate's spicy veggie dish just looks divine.

Charlotte's posts are always on point and I always find myself nodding along in agreement, a very inspiring post.

I never knew such a gorgeous place existed in South East London, and certainly puts a lot of South East sceptics to shame. I can't wait to drag my boy along to this place, so thank you for the inspiration Amanda.

I have to say, I wouldn't choose a milkshake over anything else but the love and devotion in the post, as well as the *amazing* photos is just too much for my little brain! And now I just want to drink everything out of a milk bottle with a paper straw. What is my life?!