Payday & Birthday Wishlist July 2014

Welcome to this month's special addition of the payday wish list, a joint venture with my birthday wish list - hooray for July!

1. Don't worry I'm not asking for a new DSLR, I'm looking to the attachment on the front of the lens. My kitchen gets little to no natural light and seeing as that's where I take the majority of my photos for my blog, I need something small but effective in creating some decent light, I've had my eye on this led ring light for a while so here's to some better lit pictures in the kitchen environment. 

2. I'm a bag obsessive, what can I say? I've been looking at some nice bags for an upcoming wedding and then another later in the year and I just think this clutch bag from New Look is so lovely, plus it's got a splash of coral - my fave. 

3. Slowly realising that Forever 21 is full of bargains, this chain link bracelet is a steal at £3, with a little bit of faux tortoise shell, this is right up my street and potential for wedding attire. 

4. I actually received this Rituals candle in 'Spring Garden' from my boy's lovely mum last year for my burp day. I saved it until we moved into our new flat and it has the most gorgeous scent. It's almost burnt out now but I will be purchasing another because the amazing fresh smell fills the house and I love it. 

5. A few weeks ago we ended up at my friend's house after a night out in Camden, and by that point in the night early morning, all I want to do is get the makeup off my face. I was handed this bottle of Bioderma to use, and I loved it. Despite reading a lot of blogs, I had never come across it, how? I know. But it really is so nice and gentle and got rid of every last morsel of makeup on my face. Well done Bioderma. 

6. I've been looking at a lot of dresses for said upcoming wedding and whilst searching I came across this beauty from Miss Selfridge. It's in the petite range, which I certainly am not but I just really love it. The style of the dress, the pattern, the fact it's covered in sequins but isn't gaudy. Come to mama.

7. My quest to learn to bake bread has not dampened just yet and this book 'Flour Water Salt Yeast' has great reviews. I needs it.

8. These Ray Ban Clubmasters will forever be on my wish list until I actually manage to get a pair. I love them, particularly in the tortoise shell style. They truly are classic and will never date.

9. So this week I ran out of two, yes two perfumes, cryyyyyy. Chanel Chance and Daisy by Marc Jacobs, I'll be looking to repurchase both as they're beautiful scents, but I reckon I'd like to get Daisy first, probably just because it's slightly cheaper than Chanel. 

10. These pastel sling backs from New Look are apart of my potential wedding attendance outfit. They'll go perfectly with the dress that I've chosen, if I like it when I try it on but hey, I'm tempted to just get them anyway as they're under £20 and classy looking and stuff!

So there's my special extra long edition of payday and birthday wish list goodies for July. Sorry, did I mention it's my birthday in July? He he he :)