Baked Egg Avocados

This post is 100 per cent, without doubt, inspired by the wonderful Loriley from LorileySesh who, last week posted a magnificently named recipe for 'Eggcellent Avocados'.

As soon as I saw what she had created, I *knew* I had to try it out, so I did for Saturday lunch. I'm not going to say the recipe, because you can head over there to see it. But I did make a few alterations for my own taste buds.

For something so different, but so tasty I have to say it was extremely easy. The hardest part was finding a way of balancing the avocados on an oven tray without the eggwhite spilling everywhere. I managed it in the end by leaning them against the raised edge of the tray.

My only alterations to this recipe was to add some chilli flakes on top of the eggs before baking and also chopping up a small red onion and about six mushrooms and frying off with coconut oil, and then adding some hot pepper sauce. I think it made a lovely accompaniment to the eggs.

I didn't really know what to expect with the flavours, as I've only ever eaten avocado raw but it had a wonderful smokey flavour and was *so* easily scooped out of the skin. It was so easy to make but felt like a real treat. My only pointers would be to use as bigger avocados as you can find, the bigger the better, and use MEDIUM eggs, in order to get the maximum amount of egg without compromising on the avocado.

This is now a firm favourite in our household and I can't wait to have it again - thank you Loriley!