Five Guys

As the search for the best burger in London continues, I couldn't not do a quick write up about my trip to Five Guys in Westfield, White City on Saturday.

After hearing such good things about Five Guys from pretty much, er, everyone it was inevitable that we should go, particularly as we would be in such close proximity to a branch. To say I was feeling a little worse for wear after the night before would be a bit of an understatement, and I'll be honest the one and a half slices of grilled cheese on toast I wolfed down before venturing onto the London public transportation system was not at all sufficient.

There was quite a large queue by the time we got there at about half 12, but a large queue is only ever a good thing. We quickly figured out how Five Guys works, you choose your burger/hotdog/whatever, any toppings and/or sides and a drink, get your order number and wait, with excitement and baited breath. At this point I'd just like to point out the amazing nature of picking your drink, like your typical fill up station you'd find in any fast food place but so much more. There are so many flavours of fizzy, and still, drinks, including the world's best ever invention, Fanta Lemon. They have Fanta Lemon on tap, and with that I could probably just stop there.

But I won't.

We just about managed to find a seat (pretty much all the tables were taken, cue anxiety of having a burger and nowhere to eat it) and opened our brown paper bags of joy.

Everything about the experience shouts 'USA, USA', from the brown paper bags to the burger wrapped in foil - a novelty I enjoyed a lot. I went for a cheese burger 'all the way' and it was so good. So, so good. Having two patties was such a treat, and all of the toppings I had were divine. Mushrooms in a burger? I'm in heaven.

I also really enjoyed the fact that the bun was a normal, bog standard and unfussy sesame seed burger bun - unlike a lot of these new fangled burger joints that show off with their brioche buns. Sometimes you just don't want that, y'know?

Next time (because there will *definitely* be a next time) I'll probably either share a fries with someone or have none at all, because although they were really really good (skin-on too), it was a large portion, even for me, despite choosing the 'little fries' option. 

As usual, my only qualm was the price, £13.50 for a burger, fries and drink. Yes you get a lot for your money but most of the fries were wasted shamefully. I'd just rather pay a bit less and get to enjoy all of it, but ho hum it kept me full for a long time. And when a burger tastes that good, I actually don't really care about the price - I'd probably even say it was better than MEATMission?

All in all, I can't wait to go back to try out the rest of the menu, and of course get some Fanta Lemon on tap. Hot damn I love that stuff.