Dear Food, I Love You

After joining in with latter part of the food bloggers chat last night, discussing snacking and what we do to try and stop ourselves from snacking, Sal from Sal's Kitchen said: 'All this talk of healthy snacks is very virtuous, but I'm a firm believer that a little of what you fancy also does you good!' And I say: here here! 

Although most days I try my hardest not to snack but I'll be the first to admit I fall off the wagon *quite* a lot. And who am I to try and fool you all into thinking I'm the perfect example of nutritional heaven, because I'll tell you now, the reality is quite the opposite. Maybe I need to re-introduce myself? My name is Ala, and I love all food and from now on I'm going to make a conscious effort to stop myself feeling guilty about it, because after all, we should do the things that make us happy right? Right.

Now, I'm not in any sense saying that I'm going to go out have a Bacon and Cheese Criossant from Pret for breakfast (even though I love them *so* much), a McDonald's Quarter Pounder for lunch and a Dominoes, large, for dinner every day of the week. No. The point is, that in enjoying these junky luxuries of all things naughty, I can make the decision to take it or leave it, and I can and do, make the choice to go for something that is much more healthy, nutritional and better all-round for me.

This, coupled with learning slowly but surely that actually I do need to do exercise on a regular basis, no matter how much I really dislike doing so 80% of the time, all contributes to be able to indulge on the junk and fast food. And I love those foods that much that I'm willing to put in the effort to exercise so that it doesn't take it's toll on my lifestyle. Now THAT is true love.

I guess this is sort of an open letter but also a commitment to myself to quit the guilty feelings that we all pressure ourselves into feeling whenever we want to reach for a chocolate bar over an apple. Who cares?! Not me anymore, or at least I'm getting there. I just refuse to feel guilty about the choices I make when really it affects no one but myself.

I love food, every single last morsel. 

I love the freshness of a main meal salad in the evening, and eating lots of lovely ripe fruit in the morning for breakfast. I love pasta and I love eating it with a side of really garlicky bread. I love a thick creamy mushroom sauce over my steak, with a side of fries and some green beans. You can't beat green beans. I LOVE curry, and bhajis and rice. I love all of the crunchy vegetables in my stir fry. I love a huge roast dinner with a yorkshire pudding the size of my face, swimming in gravy. I love McDonald's breakfasts, and their quarter pounders. In fact, I love all burgers. I love a hearty soup, especially broccoli and stilton. I love a grilled chicken kebab with loads of salad and a couple of whole chilli peppers, in a pitta with hot sauce and garlic sauce. I love anything spicy. I love crisps and dip. I love biscuits, especially little chocolate chip cookies. I love tea, and won't settle for anything other than semi-skimmed milk with it. I love chocolate; Galaxy, Dairy Milk, Lindt, Kinder, Terry's Chocolate Orange, you name the chocolate - I love it. I love sweets, especially anything sour. I love mint choc chip ice-cream, amongst a number of other flavours. I love pizza, and I especially love ordering it in, but I also love the fresh flavours on the ASDA fresh vegetable pizza. I love fish and chips with a side of curry sauce. I love a full English, and I'll have my eggs fried, thank you. I love cake, and I love baking my own cakes. I love pickled onions, pickled gherkins, sauerkraut and anything else with a strong flavour.

I literally don't even know where to stop, but I will... for now. And now I actually feel a bit glutenous for writing all of that out... But my point is, it's ok to enjoy the food we love, even if it isn't healthy and isn't always the right choice, because what's the point in enjoying food if we can't indulge every now and then?

As for me, I'm off to McDonald's for lunch.... JOKE. I had soup.