Crumpets Take Two

On Thursday last week I took it upon myself to attempt making crumpets - after many homemade crumpet conversations that have been had at work. I planned ahead and bought myself some pastry rings from ebay and purchased some last minute ingredients on my way home from work. The boy was out doing music related things, so obviously while the cat is away the mouse will sit in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

The crumpets on Thursday were a let down, too thick and just not right. I took the recipe from my Basics Baking Handbook sadly but at least I now know what is required from a good crumpet recipe. So on Sunday I made another attempt, and ended up using a Paul Hollywood recipe found on the BBC Good Food site and I was so impressed with how easy and successful the whole experience was.

Although the crumpets pictured below still aren't perfect and my technique still requires improvement, I'm actually pretty impressed with how they turned out. The boyfriend took some to work with him for a mid-morning snack and the feedback has been great - toasted with a slathering of lurpack and marmite. Sounds delicious - I'm sure they'll be gone before long.

There are some things I've learnt from this little crumpet venture, which I'm determined to improve on now that I think I've got the recipe and method down;

Use non-stick crumpet rings - Something I wasn't aware of that would be important as all recipes call for the rings to be greased lightly before. On my next payday I'll be investing in some good quality non-stick crumpet rings as I had a lot of trouble flipping the crumpets and getting them out of the rings as you will see in the picture below. But ho hum, you live and you learn.

A low heat on the hob is best - As crumpets require use of a pan and not the oven, finding the perfect heat for the pan was tricky, especially as the hob in my kitchen is electric and not gas - boo! I did find however that the crumpets are easier to control when the heat is low as the bottoms won't burn.

Aside from the sticking crumpet situation, I'm really pleased with how these turned out and can't wait to try them out again, especially for whenever we have friends and family round, as they're a perfect tea-time treat. Hooray for crumpets.