A Lazy Weekend

Whenever I get to work on a Monday morning and someone asks me 'what did you get up to on the weekend?' I always, always struggle to remember. Which makes me look like someone with not much of a life, as I can't remember doing anything decent. 

That's not the case I assure you.

This weekend was chilled, relaxed and all things lazy. My most favourite part was going up to Brockley Market for the first time ever, despite having lived in the area for over a yealifestr. I was supposed to go with the boy but he had a few too many beers the night before so couldn't muster up the courage to make it out of bed.

I put on a nice outfit, did my makeup in a different way than usual, and actually used a blusher, correctly and dare I say flatteringly for the first time in my life ever. A major break through.

Sometimes it's nice to just take time over things and that's exactly what I did; I pottered about once I was ready and made myself a cup of tea. When I felt emotionally ready for what I was about to do I left the house and immediately regretted my cardigan choice. It was scorcho outside!

When I got to the market I was almost overwhelmed by the variety of food stalls. I did however get there late in the day when some stalls had started to pack up already, but that's a lesson learnt - the early bird catches not just one, but all the worms. I picked up some homemade fresh scotch eggs, they had run out of the flavours I wanted, a normal pork and a black pudding scotch egg so I settled for jerk chicken and pulled pork scotch eggs, as well as a packet of homemade pork crackling - mmm! There ain't nothing like the taste of pork fat in the early afternoon, or ever really.

As a consolation prize for not being able to pick up any hot food as almost every stand had ran out, I stopped by the Ruby Violets ice cream van for a salted caramel ice cream cone. Well over-priced at £3 for one scoop, but I wasn't feeling tight and fell in love with the idea of sauntering back home, ice cream in hand in the blazing (not really even an exaggeration) sun through the beautiful roads of South East London. Bet you thought you'd never hear that sentence said ever. It was damn delicious too.

I had one of those feelings as I walked back from the market feeling really good about myself for setting myself up for a little independent activity. I don't have an issue doing things on my own, but it's really nice to make the effort to go out looking and feeling good, and doing something different from what you would normally. Very gratifying, well done me.

The two days either side of my lazy Saturday consisted of drinking, with good friends at good pubs which was great fun.

This is not my feature on Brockley Market obviously, as no images shown are of the market, but below you'll see images of the scotch eggs mentioned earlier. And I have to say, the jerk chicken one (on the left) was fab.

I hope you all had a nice time on the weekend, hopefully lazing about in the sun!