A Good Old Car Boot Sale

It's Summer and that means car boot sales! Hooray!

I love a car boot sale, and often find myself and my purse in dangerous territory, despite the average price of anything at a car boot being £1. Funnily enough I travelled back to the home counties to help my dearest best friend sell her belongings before she moves down under - sob!

The weather on Sunday was glorious, a key factor to any successful car boot, so much so that because I was hungover with a few hours sleep (although said friend had only one hour, hardcore) I didn't take precaution and now my nose looks like it took a trip to the sun over the weekend. I never learn.

Whilst successfully selling various items to many a punter, we each took it in turn to have a wonder round and peruse the competition, or in other words find some stuff to buy, after all it would be rude not to. I even very sweetly asked my dad to come and bring me a big bottle of water if my parents were going to pop along at some point during the morning. He took that as an opportunity to browse too (who can resist?) as well as bringing a 2 litre bottle of water and some fizzy drinks to keep us going - what a super man he is!

So I browsed, a couple of times and came across a variety of gems, I only spent £6 over all but I think it was £6 well spent. First of all I saw this old camera, which very much reminds me of my Olympus Trip 35. I tried to ask the man selling if he knew anything about it, to which he scoffed at me and said 'your guess is as good as mine, I don't even know how I got it', but at £1with it's original case, lens hood and the accompanying flash, I couldn't say no. It needs a bit of a clean and some TLC but is definitely bargain of the day.

I've done a little research on it, and it turns out it was made around 1967 and could probably definitely be included in my lomography camera collection. It looks quite complicated to use so I'll have to do some more research but I'm definitely excited. PLUS there is a half-used film in there already, which I found out by opening the back of the camera and exposing the film - idiot. But I'm hoping that not all of the images will be ruined and some will be salvageable. Could be interesting to see what was on the film and use the rest of it to test out the camera.

Whenever the boy and I are at a car boot we keep our eyes peeled for records on sale. I couldn't see many at this car boot initially, which would have been odd. But I saw one box and it was filled with really well-looked after vinyls, a major bonus. We've come away from car boots before, got home and the vinyls we've bought have been so badly scratched they're basically useless. 

From the first box I picked up The Final - Wham, one of my favourite, if not the best, compilation albums. A double disc and in superb condition. As well as the Spandau Ballet picture disc single for 'True', a fab song and an amazing 7" to add to the collection, again in great condition.

After paying £3 for those two I almost walked away, until the man in the stall next door said 'hang on a minute, you haven't had a look at my collection yet'. I was running out of time as everyone was packing up to go home but I went round and the *whole* boot of his estate car was filled with piles of records, what a find. All of his records were basically in mint condition apart from some of the covers, he said he had a leak in his shed. I quickly rifled through as many piles of vinyl as I could manage and found two albums I had to purchase; The Collection - John Lennon and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John. Amazing. Need I say more? I picked them up for £2 altogether and again they're in mint condition so an amazing bargain I think.

I can't wait to get these on the turntable, and it'll be all the more sweeter knowing how much of a bargain they were. I also can't wait to go back and get some more vinyls from him, he had an amazing and broad collection, and selling them for £1 - £2 - a complete steal.

I'd love to know, what's your best ever, bargain buy at a car boot been?