What's For Lunch Today? Freebird Burritos | Rupert St Market

A burrito? On a Monday? Don't worry, this is catch up from Friday's lunch.

Every now and then when I'm in a daring mood, I'll hop off of my creature of habit train and get something different for lunch - this mainly happens when I'm feeling slightly fragile after the night before.

I ventured down to the market stalls on Rupert St in Soho, on the corner of Brewer St and perused the delicious looking eats whilst deciding what I was in the mood for. Cue Freebird Burritos, hard to miss with their bright yellow stall and wonderfully rich delights for the nose.

I got a chicken burrito with black beans, cheese, lettuce, medium salsa (the spiciest medium salsa I've ever had) and veggie salsa. The burrito cost £5.50, which to my knowledge is standard fare, if not slightly cheaper than average but no less full of flavour and um... food.

What I love about burritos is that they're so filling, they're bound to put you right from any alcohol-fuelled fuzzy headed-ness, but are a delicious meal aside from that anyway. Burritos are much more than just a carby hangover cure; but sometimes its really quite hard to come by a decent burrito place as most just lack flavour - I'm looking at you Daddy Donkey and Chilango's. The meat at Freebirds was juicy and full of flavour and their salsa was amongst some of the best I've tried.

I was thoroughly impressed and would definitely go back again to try their pork. You can find Freebirds Burritos across markets in London, and I would recommend paying them a visit, you won't be disappointed.