True Grace Green Fig Candle

I love fresh candle scents - you don't even want to know about my Calvin Klein 'Leaf' obsession - and sometimes I find them hard to come by. Especially when I benchmark everything against my most favourite CK candle, in the whole entire world :)

My old flatmate got this True Grace candle in 'Green Fig' for me for Christmas (ultimate super babe), and I absolutely adore the scent, not only because it is very reminiscent of the fresh appley/limey/everything natural and good scent of CK's 'Leaf' but it is zesty and all things good too.

I haven't lit this candle yet as I'm still enjoying the soft aroma it is giving our new bedroom but I know the scent will be great when I do. I've previously seen the True Grace range in John Lewis and obviously you can find them here, on their own website. I'd definitely recommend getting involved with this brand because of the pure amazingness of this 'Green Fig' scent. 

Plus how lovely is the glass jar?! Just all types of homey wonderful-ness.