Throwback Thursday | Franz Ferdinand

I've been waiting to find an album that would make you want a cry a little to realise its over 10 years old, so here we are - Franz Ferdinand's self-titled debut album.

Released on 9th February 2004 on Domino, arguably one of the best record labels (but that I guess is a story for another day), Franz Ferdinand were one of the bands at the forefront of the Brit-Rock Indie scene in the early-mid 2000s. I probably won't do this album justice as my sister is the real Franz fan out of the two of us but I'll give it my best shot.

I have to say, this album was innovative and pushed boundaries when it was released, I can't remember there being anything like it at the time. Although it fits nicely into the 'indie' genre pretty perfectly, the sound on this album was punchier and much more involved than the twangy guitar sounds that came later with bands like The Kooks and The Maccabees etc, etc (you know where I'm going with that).

I have to say that 'Take Me Out', the lead single on the album, is certainly up there with my favourite songs from that musical era and I've never seen anyone not dance along to it on a night out. I heard it played by a covers band a few weeks back as an opener to their set and it got everyone going.

Just looking at the track list now makes me want to sit at my desk and listen to it all afternoon, for the nostalgia and also the pure amount of brilliant tracks and musical genius. They're all such strong songs, and the album has quite a distinctive sound all-round, with the typical Franz Ferdinand type drum beat, married with Alex Kapranos' deep, inviting vocals and interesting lyrics, I just can't find a downside to this album.

Unlike many of the bands that emerged during this era, Franz Ferdinand are still making music which can only be testament to their talent and song-writing abilities. I still can't believe this album is just over 10 years old. Do you remember when Franz Ferdinand burst on to the scene? I'd be surprised if you didn't.