Throwback Thursday | Frank

I missed last week's post purely because I was too het up with seeing the Arctic Monkeys on Friday (an amazing night, I might add). This week I'm going to do another more 'recent' throwback thursday album by one of my ultimate favourite artists, Amy Winehouse.

'Frank', was the singer's debut album - released 20th October 2003 on EMI. It is widely known that Amy Winehouse wasn't actually entirely satisfied with the album due to recording company pressures, and although the sound and style of Frank differs widely from her second, and much more popular album 'Back to Black', I still think this album deserves some recognition.

It's true to say that 'Frank' has strong jazz influences, compared to the much more Motown-esque vibes on 'Back to Black', but I like it, I like everything about it, because it is still infused with strong hip hop beats throughout.

I have a couple of standout tracks on the album 'Intro/Stronger Than Me', which introduces us to Winehouse's strong attitude towards relationships. What I really love about this album is the lyrics, which at some points make you choke with laughter, and this song is certainly an example of that. My next standout track is 'Fuck Me Pumps', which innocently sings of the distaste Winehouse finds in the way girls act to get that guy. Again, the lyrics in this song are so pungent, its hard not to scoff with laughter at the observations. 'In My Bed' is another example of Winehouse's opinions and attitudes towards relationships.

There's many reasons I love this album but one of them is the rawness of Winehouse's lyrics, and her amazing ability to tell stories that in some cases could be perceived as slightly mundane, in the most captivating and sometimes hilarious ways. Her opinions and views shine through like a beacon of hope for all female artists and females alike, as she bluntly tells everything the way it is. I'm a sucker for a good lyric, if you didn't already know, which is why I find this album so great in so many ways.

I strongly believe that Amy Winehouse was one of the best lyricists in recent years and it's a crying shame that she's no longer here to share her talents with the world. But instead of leaving this post on a sad and mournful note, I want to celebrate her contribution to music, including Frank (as I feel it's forgotten more often than not), and remind everyone - if you didn't already need reminding - of what a fucking awesome artist she was and still is.