The Breakfast Club | Shoreditch

The first part of Friday's birthday extravaganza day consisted of heading into Shoreditch for a well deserved and long awaited brunch. I've been wanting to go to The Breakfast Club for an age, and I even remember at Bestival in 2010 there being a humongous queue for The Breakfast Club van in the mornings. 

I have to say it lived up to all my expectations and even more. I went for the Chorizo Hash Browns and the boy, unsurprisingly went for the Full Monty as well as an unfussy mug of tea each and a vanilla ice cream, peanut butter and banana milkshake that I cannot remember the name of, to share. The food was amazing and I loved the spicy kick to my breakfast, but we were both slightly beaten (me more than the boy) by the sheer amount of food. So many potatoes. But on the flip side, when I first looked at the menu I thought it was slightly on the pricey side, but now knowing how much food you actually get, I'd probably say the prices are about fair.

APART FROM, the mugs of tea, of which mine wasn't optimally filled with water, which normally I wouldn't mind but when you're paying £2 for a mug of tea (not even a large), well it makes you wince y'know. And the same applies to the thimble sized (I'm exaggerating) milkshake at over £4. Don't get me wrong the tea was great and the milkshake was absolutely delicious, I just sometimes feel like over charging that much shows a lack of respect for the customer. I don't know, maybe it's just me.
Any who, I have to mention that the staff were extremely attentive, upbeat and friendly which always improves the experience. On arrival, and maybe because we were slightly early, we were 'upgraded' if you will from a table at the back to one of the window benches, which is always nice when that happens; makes you feel like you're being looked after.

The place was absolutely packed and by the time we left at about 11:50, there was a queue almost out of the door for the lunch time rush, which was no surprise to me but actually seeing that is always a good sign. They're obviously doing something right at The Breakfast Club and even though I'm a little late to the party, if you haven't been already, I insist you do so.