NXD Free Film Festival

Just quick apologies if there are any spelling mistakes or anything, I'm without internet for just over another week after moving into a new place and attempting to use my phone, but hold tight, Virgin are on their way.

On Saturday, after only being the new flat for a day and having completed the unpacking, we ventured out to the park up the road where the New Cross & Deptford Free Film Festival was hosting it's penultimate evening in the form of... Wait for it... Singalong Grease. Need I say more? Ok I will...

We turned up at 8pm to an already packed field, so ended up wedging ourselves in near the front where people were already sat. There was a jerk chicken BBQ on the go with a constant queue, bikes at the back for anyone to hop on and help power the showing, and a lovely early evening sky, stretching across the London skyline as the sun set.

It took a while for the film to get going but when the music kicked in there was a sea of over 500 strong ear to ear grins, head bopping and singing in unison.

The event did encounter a technical difficulty half way through, but was actually a well needed break for everyone to stretch their legs and pop to the bushes for a wee... I know, but next time NXD, portaloos please!

By the end of the film everyone was up on their feet singing and dancing along, which was so much fun and great to see. 

There's quite a few things I absolutely love about where I live and the real sense of community and bringing people together in New Cross is without a doubt one of the best things.

Here's my best try's at getting some decent iPhone piccies. Does your community do anything like this that you've been to? What do you love most about where you live?