Le Volume de Chanel Mascara

A.K.A. The best mascara in the world.

I'm so excited to finally do a blog post about this, I've been waiting till I had to buy a new one and it happened, albeit a *little* sooner than I'd have liked...

I was on the bus one morning last week doing my makeup (naughty) and thinking to myself 'I must get a new Chanel mascara soon, this one is running out'. But before I could even finish my inner monologue, pondering the glorious moment of splashing out on a new mascara as well as using my double points voucher, the mascara wand flew out of my hand and onto the bus floor. The grimey, filthy, dirty upper deck floor of the 453. The horror. Thank goodness I'd actually finished applying my mascara, because there was NO way that newly disease ridden applicator was going anywhere near my eyes. So it was decided, that was the day I'd get a new mascara.

My love affair for the Volume de Chanel mascara came at the end of last year when my sister sent me a link for a free sample size mascara for the launch. Naturally I got two using my address and my boyfriend's address, cheeky but clever. Some of the girls I was working with at the time also got some sent and there was a general positive feeling on the mascara, apart from a few who didn't really like it. But I guess each to their own, as we all know with beauty bits.

I absolutely LOVE this mascara though, I have quite long lashes anyway, and never use an eyelash curler (as a benchmark) but I feel like it not only thickens my lashes, the mascara lengthens as well as separates. 

The brush is plastic, and unlike anything I've seen before, apart from potentially the old Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara without the curvy brush. With this mascara, I only need to apply a couple of strokes and I'm done. And as for longevity, I never have a problem with any mascara coming off (?!) during the day and the same goes for Volume de Chanel. The colour is the blackest of black which I absolutely love and the formula is quite fluid - something I had honestly never thought about because there's more to life but y'know, but still, there is something great about the formula.

I hope you can see the brush type from the pictures; I genuinely think it is why this mascara is so damn good. Mascara was always a product I would just buy whatever was cheapest but now I've found this, I couldn't not re-purchase, even at an eye-watering £25 a pop (no pun intended). I have taken 'before' and 'after' pictures so if anyone is desperate to see those, I'll post them!

I can't believe the beauty world has missed this gem of a product because I really think it could be very popular. If you've tried this mascara, let me know what you think or likewise if you purchase off the back of this review.