Holiday Wears | Bikini Edit

We're just a couple of days away from booking the flights for our first ever holiday (five years later... I know) and although as I'm writing this, the British skies are grey and gloomy, all I can think about is buying loads of brightly coloured, wildly patterned holiday wears.

Here's my bikini edit - special mention to George at ASDA, so affordable and such excellent designs, bravo!

Rose print bikini set, £12 - As a lover of all things floral, despite not being girly in the slightest, it was love at first sight with this bikini set, and at just over a tenner for the set, who can argue?

Multi-colour bandeau bikini set, £12 - Another favourite from George, its bright and loud and I love a bandeau. 

Leopard print 'two sizes bigger' bikini set, £12 - I'm not really one for being bothered about having padding in a bikini but I just adore the print, again loud, bright as well as beautiful. 

Green palm tree print bikini, top £16, bottoms £12 -  I love a bustier type design and high waisted bottoms so this is right up my street, I love the design but would slightly worry about the potential for an untanned mid-riff. It's slightly more expensive at £28 for the set, which makes me wince a bit, but certainly not the most expensive bikini in the world.

White polka dot frilled bikini, top £9.99, bottoms £7.99 -  A slightly more acceptably priced option from H&M, I really like the polka dot pattern, and never thought myself partial to a frill but I guess you can't choose who what you love, eh?

Vintage floral bikini set, £26 - This has actually disappeared off the Topshop website now, naughty, but I still love the turquoise and contrasting pink print, but Topshop, why do you take away the things I like?!