Apple Cake

Last weekend was the first weekend my beloved KitchedAid spent in the flat, pride of place on the kitchen work top, just wonderful.

We had plans for our friends to come round and watch Frozen (late to the party I know, but yes, it was amazing) so I thought it'd be best to bake an apple cake. Apple cake is my absolute favourite, yet quite underrated by most I feel. When I was younger and we used to go and visit my Babcia (grandma) she would always have an apple cake baked ready for us, and I always used to go back for seconds and thirds - I still do.

I baked the cake using the recipe from my Basics Basic Baking Handbook, a foolproof recipe that has never failed me. You will see in the pictures that the bottom of the cake looks doughy and underdone - I'm still figuring out the limits of the fan oven in my new flat - BUT I really didn't mind because it gave a really lovely puddingy texture. I also love to add more than the recommended amount of cinnamon just to make sure the taste comes through but still isn't over powering - plus it makes it smell extra delicious when in the oven.

The cake went a treat with only a few slices left on Sunday morning, which me and the boy OBVIOUSLY had for breakfast! And kudos to the boy who took the last two photos, such a superstar!

What's your favourite kind of cake?