What's For Lunch Today? Carbon | Soho

You know that food place, you walk passed it all the time - everyday in fact - but never muster the courage to go in because you're a creature of habit and always find an excuse not to. Well today my friends, I overcame my fears and went into that place, and that place is Carbon.

I have to say, working in central London definitely has its positives and being on the edge of soho, I'm absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to food (and when I'm not being a good girl by bringing a packed lunch). I've been wanting to go to Carbon pretty much since my first week in my current job - three months ago and I finally did it.

Carbon as they describe themselves is an eclectic wood charcoal grill restaurant serving all sorts of yumminess. The smells coming out of that place are insane, and anywhere that more often than not has a queue out the door certainly rates in my books. And if you're still wondering what they mean by 'eclectic', they cater all different cuisines around their charcoal grill, Turkish, North African, Spanish... you get the picture - but they also do some amazing looking salads, burritos and wraps, as well as all the baked goods and snacks available on the counter.

Today I went for the Lebanese grill choice, consisting of Lebanese chicken taouk, with Lebanese spiced potatoes and aioli, and I have to say it was damn delicious and certainly lived up to my expectations. There was so much flavour and the sauces, OH THE SAUCES. A nice bit of kick but nothing that would blow your head off, and the chicken was lovely and moist. And let us not forget the roast potatoes, that were roasted to perfection, nice and fluffy - just how we like 'em.

I personally would have liked a bit more greenery, and by 'a bit more', I mean 'any' but that's just me. I guess if I wanted salad I should have got a salad. My only other gripe is the price, I got one of their cheapest (if not the cheapest) grill option at £6.50 - and now anyone not from London is thinking 'you're mental'. I'm aware of the fact £6.50 is slightly on the extortionate side for a takeaway lunch, heck you can get a whole meal down Leather Lane for £3.50, but we're in Soho now baby. I really do resent paying that much for lunch but as a Friday treat, when I've been uninspired by soup all week  AND didn't cave in to a Krispy Kreme yesterday, I think I deserve it.

On the whole Carbon, you're doing a damn good job. I'm now sat at my desk feeling wholly satisfied.