The Power of APS Film.

I like to take pictures, whether I'm any good at it or not, well you can decide.

I'm still getting used to my Canon 100D, so bear with me on that one but I feel I have kinda grasped the concept of film cameras, namely my Holga 135BC and my Kodak Advantix F300. Ok ok, there's not much to these 'toy' cameras but I feel like I can get some good shots.

I personally love the effect that APS film gives, the colours are crass and the grainy-ness reminds me of the 90s. And although I guess APS cameras aren't technically classed as lomography, I still love 'em. I  love getting photos printed, in the past I've lost too many digital photographs due to computers crashing and not having them printed; I like to hold the physical artefact in my hands. And most important, taking photos on only a 24 or 36 exposure film makes the whole process a lot more precious instead of being snap happy.

I thought I'd share some pictures from Glastonbury last year because the weather was PRIME for a film camera and with the sun back in our lives and that, I've got major summer vibezzzz.

First day, green grass and feelin' fresh.

Wonky view of the whole festival site.

Lovely group shot (and a hat wearing photo bomber) in front of the Pyramid Stage.

Me and my boy.

Awesome panoramic shot of my sister in the Green Peace fields. I spilled Mango Rubicon and Vodka over my camera (by accident) but it gave a cool effect to the film.