Homemade | Cheese & Bacon Muffins

I'm not really into muffins as a general rule; I'd much rather a slice of cake or something chocolatey despite being a savoury lover. Do I want to be any more contradictory?

I've had a hankering to make these muffins for a while, and I found the recipe in my Basics Basic Baking Handbook - a fail safe recipe book with the most foolproof instructions for recipes (I even made choux pastry successfully on my first try using the recipe from this book (even though I added too much salt). Although I was desperate to try this recipe out, I've never actually had a savoury muffin before so I didn't know what to expect or really what I was doing - but I guess that's all part of the fun, eh?

So here they are, they were super easy and quick to make and I'd thoroughly recommend whipping these up for a special breakfast treat either the night before or heck, if you've got the time on the morning itself - imagine a hot cheesey muffin with some scrambled eggs and beans: yum.

I just used baking paper instead of muffin cases because I thought it might look a bit weird with my usual cake cases. They were a bit smaller than I expected but then again, I didn't know what to expect, which is also one of the beautiful things about using a book that doesn't have images. So I guess I could say; here is my interpretation of a cheese and bacon muffin, they're the perfect indulgent breakfast treat.

Have you ever tried these? Tell me your favourite breakfast treat, I'm on the hunt for some morning eats inspiration!