Baking For Charity

I had quite a jam-packed weekend to say the least, but the main event was baking.

I agreed to bake some cakes for a friends' charity event called All Day Sunday Funday in Whitechapel to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation. I ended up making 66 cakes in total (not including the ones that just didn't make the cut), in four different flavours; Guinness & Chocolate, Cherry Vodka, Chocolate & Vanilla and just Chocolate.

I love the challenge of baking and doing that many certainly gave me something to work towards. We ended up making a tidy £70 just from the cakes, after costs were covered, which I was mega pleased about. I also on the off chance got some business cards printed with my details on should anyone like what they see, and I had a couple of people ask for my card which was very flattering.

At the event there was live music and spoken word poetry all day and into the evening, tye dye pants and pillow cases, of which I bought a pair for the boy, and amazing photographic prints and illustrations on sale. A percentage of the takings from the bar was donated to charity as well. This was the second event and was even more amazing than the first. If you're in or around London and would like to sell your wares at the next charity event, please do get in touch, it's so much fun and you'll get to meet loads of like minded people.

Here's just a couple of pictures of the cakes mentioned...