A Polish Easter

With Polish ancestry, Christian holidays mean a lot and are a time of celebration and FOOD! Easter Sunday is arguably the most important date in the Christian calendar which means we celebrate in style. I thought I'd show some pictures from my traditional Easter, and something I look forward to every year.

The Easter bank holiday isn't just a time to chill with some time off work (although that's just a major bonus), but a largely family orientated time, filled with food. So much food.

A traditional Polish Easter Sunday involves an East breakfast/lunch, which is a typical continental breakfast, with coloured eggs and different types of Polish meat like kielbasa (smoked sausage) and wiejska (garlic sausage) and smoked hams. I guess every household does it differently but we have different types of bread, spreads and condiments as well as Ogórki (pickled dill cucumbers or gherkins). Just thinking about it now is making my tummy rumble. 

Perhaps to anyone else it doesn't sound that appetising but I associate this celebration meal with happiness, family time and celebration which always makes it so special. And the best thing about Easter is everyone has their own traditions and I definitely plan to carry mine on and continue as I get older and eventually have my own family.


Breads, eggs then meats down the far end.

I cannot take credit for this beautiful babka (kind of like a cake bread, panettone type thing), it is my mum's pride and joy and was deeeee-licious!